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12-14 12.2017
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With the support of

For Exhibitors


Registration fee for Exhibitors is 30 000 RUB (VAT free).

Space only
per 1 sq.meter

9 800 RUB (VAT free)

Shell scheme stand per 1 sq.mete
(Octanorm construction)

15 200 RUB (VAT free)

* The basis of ADVANTEC construction is composed of panels without any visible joints.

Exhibitors are welcome to participate in the business programme of the forum and exhibition "ECOTECH" according to the quota: 2 delegates from one company. Exhibitors are also provided with 100 invitation tickets to the exhibition.



Shell scheme stands include:

  • Exhibition stand construction with wall paneling
  • Floor carpeting
  • A fascia board with the company name (9 characters)
  • Recycle bin
  • Tables and chairs, sockets (the number depends on the stand size)

Standart equipped stands options

Space only option includes:

  • Space-only implies only exhibition area
  • General security of the hall
  • Cleaning of the aisles between the stands


Space Оnlу exhibitors can apply to General stand contractor or to another company.

General contractor of “Crocus Expo” is “BuildExpo” company. For details, please follow at http://eng.buildexpo.ru/bexpo/

Another contractor must go through the proper accreditation and technical expertise in “BuildExpo” company. General rules of technical expertise in terms of compliance to technical documentation can be found by the link http://eng.buildexpo.ru/bexpo/services/.

Questions on side contractor accreditations can be sent to ingener@buildexpo.ru
or asked by the phone +7 (495) 727 26 71.

Space Only exhibitors, must provide the Organizer with the perspective drawings (with proper measurements) showing the front, side, back side, elevations and floor layout of their proposed stand design for approval by ECOTECH technical department - tech@ecotech-expo.com


  • When purchasing shell scheme and space only options, electrical connection service is paid separately.
  • Own communication means and audiovisual devices are allowed at the exhibition only afer undergoing a technical inspection (according to the prices in the catalogue of additional services).
  • An order for additional services, made after November 15, 2017, will be accepted with an addition to price.

Please send filled-in application form to exponent@ecotech-expo.com

Before signing the agreement please become familiar with the following documents:

Information given provided from the website www.crocus-expo.ru

For further information please contact us by phone: 8 (800) 770 07 95