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12-14 12.2017
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V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection

The V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection, dedicated to discussing highlights of environmental protection and making consolidated solutions on environmental activities and realization of environmental legislation in the Russian Federation will be held on December 12-14 in Moscow.

The Congress is the largest discussion platform for professional environmental community. Delegates of each subject of the Russian Federation will take part in the Congress, they will be elected within regional conferences according to adopted quotas. The event also aims to develop proposals for improvement of environmental legislation in Russia. The participants will share opinions in an open discussion about the most pressing issues related to improving the environment.

The Congress will focus on one of the most pressing ecological problems – increase of waste production and its accumulation in the environment. Action plan, aimed at waste burial reduction by waste treatment and recycling, as well as previously accumulated waste minimization will be presented at the Congress. The agenda will also introduce issues, related to a new economy model changeover, envisaging complete cycle production and consumption and other relevant topics.

As a result, the Congress will adopt the Final Resolution, which will consolidate the position and the latest works of the environmental experts, scientists from related fields, business people and community activists, Russian and world politicians.